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A fast and energy efficient Blake256 Merge Mined Decentralised Open Source Digital Crypto Currency

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Common Information.

About us

Meet The Team.

Melanie Doe

Cinnamon Carter

Project manager

Worshiped By Many, Hero of the community

Jhonie Doe


Core designer

Holder Of Many, Destroyer of Rumor - Avid Fan Of Crypto

Daniel Doe

Daniel Williams

Web designer

Sleeps Once A Month, Saves Budgets and Slays Bugs

About The Project

BlakeBitcoin Was Release In 2014 Under MIT License.

BlakeBitcoin was inspired and requested by the Blake community and is a cryptocurrency designed to use the Blake 256 algorithm based on Blakecoin and Photon with AuxPow and is merge mined with them.

Blake-256(optimized) is faster than Scrypt, SHA-256D, Keccak, Groestl

The algorithm was written as a candidate for sha3, Based on round one candidate code from the sphlib 2.1 and reduced rounds to 8 aka blake256r8.

Current developers: BlueDragon747 and Cinnamon Carter

What is BlakeBitcoin?

A Blake256 version of Bitcoin same reward structure Starting with 50 coins per block and a total of 21 million coins 
The Block target time is 1/4 of Bitcoin's to account for extra hashing speed of Blake-256 The difficulty retarget 
is at 8064 blocks and the reward halving every 210,000 blocks ~ 1 year The difficulty ajustment is also same as per Bitcoin